Search/Download papers when selecting the title of a paper


I'm new to zotero using zotero beta on windows device. Is there an option where I can search for a paper online when I highlight the Title in the References section or even better if I am able to download the research paper when I highlight the Title, possibly after I right click to bring up the context menu.

Thank you
  • Sorry, not sure I'm understanding what you're asking for.

    What's the problem you're trying to solve?
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    If I understand correctly, the use case is you're using the Beta PDF reader, see a paper in the reference list that you're interested in -- how do you get to this quickly? (assuming no working DOI link, obviously)

    Reading in my browser, e.g., I'd highlight the title use the google scholar button, get a list of results based on the title, then click through (and import into Zotero).

    Currently in Zotero, I highlight and copy the title, open google scholar or so in my browser, paste, click on the first search result, then import into Zotero and switch back to Zotero.

    Not sure if it's possible to combine Zotero's built-in look-up with the PDF reader, but I think this is an interesting idea.
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