save snapshots on iOS?

edited July 18, 2021
Is there a reason why Zotero iOS app does not save snapshots? Can we please have this option? There is an option to “save files” but when it’s turned on I still get no snapshots.
  • Snapshot functionality in the desktop Zotero Connector is based on the SingleFile browser extension, but browser extensions don't run on iOS. (Previously, snapshots were performed by the Zotero desktop app itself using Firefox's save functionality (basically File → "Save Page As…"), which worked much less well. Zotero Connector for Safari still uses that method.)

    iOS 15, coming this fall, theoretically adds support for WebExtensions (the kind of browser extension used in Chrome/Firefox/Edge), but even desktop Safari's WebExtension support is still buggy and incomplete, which is why the Safari extension is still its own thing.

    We've talked to Apple about this and are hoping they'll fix all the bugs we've reported by the fall. Once we have an otherwise working Safari WebExtension on desktop, we'll try to get SingleFile working there, and at that point we'll explore switching from the current Share extension on iOS to a WebExtension, hopefully including snapshot support.
  • Cool, thank you! Will wait for these developments then.
  • @dstillman has there been any progress on this lately? Judging by the kb page on safari compatibility (, I’m guessing it’s still in the ‘maybe one day Apple will make this possible’ pile?
  • We're now using SingleFile in the desktop Safari connector, but we're no closer to being able to make the Safari connector a WebExtension — Apple hasn't fixed most/any of the bugs we've reported.

    But we can look into whether it's possible to get SingleFile running on iOS regardless, now that we've gotten it to run in more environments.
  • Ah Apple... I'll keep my ears on for if / when you all manage to get SingleFile running on iOS. Thanks for the update.

    In the meantime, I'll give desktop Safari a try to see if it eases this particular process for me. I've been using Firefox desktop and Safari mobile for years, but am starting a new job next week and will have some time to reflect on and refine personal workflows.
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