[Beta] Attachment note indicates note present when text deleted

edited July 17, 2021
In the centre pane, I have "Notes" visible to indicate how many notes an item has.

If I write a note for an attachment, this is indicated in the Notes column for an item and the attachment as expected. If I later delete all the text for that note, the item and attachment Note column still indicates that there is a note present.

Expected behaviour: the indicator that a Note is present would reduce by one or be cleared if it was the only note. Possibly, this does not happen because the note is not deleted only the text is deleted.

A child note for an item begin created/deleted behaves as expected.

[I think this used to (still does?) happen in the stable version. I did not report it because a refresh, such as change to another collection and back or restart, fixed the problem. I can't check this out at the moment though.]

Version: 5.0.97-beta.33
OS: Windows 10
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