Hotkey to switch between export formats

Does anyone know if there is a hotkey that can be set up to easily switch between export formats. I often switch back between APA 7th edition and RIS export formats. Right now, the only way I know how to do this is to open up the preferences and manually switch. I'd love to be able to do the export option switch between the two with a hotkey. Any ideas?
  • No built-in shortcut. Might be possible with a plugin (e.g., Zutilo).

    I don't think we'd do a shortcut — toggling between two is a little specific — but we've considered adding the Quick Copy format as submenu in one of the menus, since repeatedly going to the prefs is indeed tedious if you're switching often.
  • I've played wiht Zutilo, but it is not doing exactly what I want. I need to be able to toggle between the two formats for drafting and copying. I like the idea of the quick copy format. Yes, going to the prefs over and over again is super tedious. If you had the menu item available, the keyboard maestro could be used. Thanks for the quick reply.
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