How to make a line break in the bibliography?

Hello. I'm a total novice in the CSL language. I've looked up many many threads discussing how to make a line break using either the "& # 1 0 ;" character or display = "block" option, but they don't work. The former gives me only one whitespace and not breaking the line; the latter leads to an error (in Visual CSL Editor and Word). I start from the built-in ACS format and using Zotero and Microsoft Word 2019. I just want to make a line break before the URL of DOI, how can I do that? Thank you very much.
  • display="block" is what you want, but you can't combine second-field-align attributes (on bibliography) with display attributes on groups, so you'd have to remove that from the style.
  • @adamsmith No it works perfectly! Thank you so much!
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