Sync Storage - Why are PDF's available?

I set my Sync Settings for the first time. Data Syncing: Sync Automatically-YES, Sync full-text content-YES.
File Syncing: Both options DISABLED.
Once sync completed, my PDF's are viewable ( when I log into Zotero Web and look at my Web Library. Also, I am showing 115MB used when I look through "Upgrade Storage".

I expected PDFs to not be viewable and storage usage to be 0MB.

What am I misunderstanding? Thanks.
  • Disabling file syncing does just that — it disables file syncing on that computer. It doesn't affect what you have online.

    If you want to purge the previously uploaded files in your personal library, you can do so from your storage settings.
  • @MarcSGr: To clarify, you say you set these "for the first time", but if you're seeing files online, you synced before you disabled that setting. Further files won't be uploaded after you disable that.
  • Got it. Thank you.
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