Issues with duplicate citations in document and bibliography

I have merged the duplicate citations in my library, removed and re-added bibliography, refreshed the doc multiple times, restarted both zotero and word but to no avail. The doc still has both citations (a,b,c..etc). Any insight on how to solve this would be helpful!
  • Thanks for that - I tried the option given for double citation, but it did not work.
  • If you're seeing disambiguation, it's from one of those things. The page explains how to determine if a citation is orphaned and how to reinsert it. If you reinsert all instances of a citation with the current item from a given library, the disambiguation will go away.

    You can copy sections of the document into another Word document to see this — if you don't copy a second citation for a different item, you won't get the disambiguation.
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    @vraghuram90: You can also restart Zotero just to rule out any potential bugs from incorrectly stored state (and let us know if that fixes it, because it shouldn't), but otherwise it's from one of those things.
  • Great - issue resolved! Thank you. Key tip was to ensure references in the doc are synced to zotero library rather than in the doc itself.
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