Safari extension disappeared on 14.1.1

Hi, I don't know when the update has happened. Yesterday I still had the extension and it is not there today in Safari. Is there a way to get it back? Many thanks.
  • From the support page:
    Due to an Apple bug, there's currently an issue where you may need to delete the Zotero beta app from Applications and redownload it after an app update to restore the Zotero Connector functionality in Safari. It may also be necessary to restart your computer in between deleting the app and redownloading. Note that you can continue to use the production version of Zotero on a daily basis if you so choose — the beta app simply needs to be installed in Applications (e.g., as “Zotero Beta”).
  • Reinstalled it and now it works well again, I don't know why it was suddenly not working. Thank you very much for your help dstillman! Also for sharing the link, I will know next time where to search.
  • Is there any update on a fix for the Safari connector? Is there a timeline for fixing or this issue low priority? I would use Zotero a lot more if the connector for Safari was fixed. (For me, it is just unproductive to work in Chrome and Firefox).

    Zotero is a great product. Thanks
  • @BrianChilcott: To be clear, the Safari extension works, and there's nothing stopping you from using it.

    If you're referring to the issue where the app needs to be reinstalled after updates to restore the Safari extension, in our testing so far that appears to be fixed in macOS Monterey, which is coming out in a couple months.
  • Excellent! Thanks for your prompt response.
  • I just suffered this bug in MacOS Monterey. I deleted the Zotero app and re-installed v6 but the bug persisted even after a restarting Safari, disabling and enabling the Zotero connector extension and rebooting MacOS, but couldn't get it to work.

    Eventually I booted the Mac into Safe Mode, launched Safari, and the extension worked. Rebooting back to normal user mode and it's still working. So I recommend trying safe mode if you run into this problem, it fixed it for me.
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    @philevs: You didn't need to use Safe Mode. You just needed to reboot between deleting Zotero from Applications and reinstalling it, as mentioned above and on the support page.
  • @dstillman as explained in my initial feedback, rebooting the Mac between installations didn't resolve it for me unfortunately. I followed the support probedure twice. The only recovery that worked was to boot into Save Mode then back to regular use mode. This has solved other issues too, not related to Zotero. MacOS must have some caching issue
  • You didn't actually say that explicitly — you just said you restarted at some point. In any case, we haven't seen Safe Mode be necessary for this, but glad it worked for you.
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