Zotero PDF annotation: Sort by date [Feature request]

I love the PDF annotation feature in Zotero, and how I can easily add it to the notes. Is there a way I can sort the annotations by data?

I read some articles in my library over many days/ revisit them after some time, and make annotations that I'd like to extract to the note.
  • Not currently. Could you say more about the exact workflow you're envisioning?
  • I also love to have annotations sorted by their adding date.

    For re-reading a book or an article in zotero, I want to only visit several specific sites and add annotations there.
    After reading, I would extract the annotations and sort them according to their adding date. That way, I can easily find and then work on the notes added most recently.

    Is that possible? Thanks.
  • Maybe not exactly what the OP asked for, but what would be incredibly useful if modifying or adding an annotation on a PDF with the internal viewer would reflect in the "Date Modified" field. This way, we could sort by "Date Modified" to see which files we have been working on recently.
  • I think up another way of getting recently modified notes out by starting annotations with modified dates.

    Now, my workflow is this:
    Start annotations with current date.
    Extract annotations in Zotero.
    Copy and paste annotations to my refrence note, and only keep those annotations with recent date.

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