Dimensions and Zotero

Hi folks, I wanted to use Zotero with Dimensions today.
On the search results page, no dice -- Zotero doesn't seem to recognize that there is article metadata on the search results page.
On the individual article pages, Zotero can harvest title, abstract, DOI, PMID (where Dimensions has one anyway), and a URL for the article's Dimensions record. But the other citation info I want -- authors, journal, etc -- is not present in the Zotero record.
When I went back and used the "save to Zotero (DOIa)" option, I get the complete citation including authors, and the URL is now the URL of the article on the publisher website (instead of the Dimensions record URL). But the abstract doesn't show up. And because I am super lazy and distractable, it's not ideal to click, wait a while for the select-which-record-you-want pop up to load, select the one option, and then move on to the next article.
Has anyone had success using the Zotero plugin with Dimensions?
If I were to write to Dimensions to ask for better Zotero support, what exactly should I ask for?
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