APA 7th edition: Same author, same year and different works

Hi, instead of having:
(Kumaraguru et al., 2007a)
(Kumaraguru et al., 2007b)

Zotero gives
(Kumaraguru, Rhee, Acquisti, et al., 2007)
(Kumaraguru, Rhee, Sheng, et al., 2007)
thank you in advance
  • That's correct as per APA Manual
  • Yes, exactly. The APA manual says to only use a, b if the author lists are exactly the same.
  • I think both are correct. Use a and b for in-text citations, and the full author name listing in references section.
  • No, it really isn't. APA very explicitly says to include additional authors before et al. for disambiguation in in text citations
  • See Rule 8.18 and 8.19 on page 267 of the manual. Zotero is implementing the APA rules correctly. You are mistaken.
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