Removed items from collection by mistake

This discussion was created from comments split from: Removing PDFs to free up space.
  • Shoot, I should have read to the end. I searched PDF and a specific subcollection that had large PDFs, had to choose "includeP&C" to get anything to show up, selected all and trusted that even though everything was selected only the PDFs would go, and lost everything. I didn't see the warning about second conditions until too late.

    But it's entirely my fault, and fortunately there were only about 30 items in the subcollection and I should be able to recreate it. Maybe the ability to filter by PDF size (either for searching above, or syncing below) would be helpful for some.
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    If you're saying you removed items from a collection by mistake, you should be able to easily restore from one of your last automatic backups. Follow the instructions for restoring a collection, which is basically the same thing.
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