MHRA is suddenly put my citations in my text rather than at the end of my document in footnotes


I have been using MHRA for my PhD but all of a sudden one of my chapters has been putting my footnotes at the end of the sentence with names such as. (Clarke) instead of body of text:
some text.... 1


1 John L. Clarke, ‘The Varieties of Capitalism and Hybrid Success’, Comparative Political Studies, 40.3 (2007), 302–37.
2 Campbell and Pedersen, p. 333.

I'm not sure what happened, my other chapters are fine and I can't work out what the problem is. I have tried both of the MHRA (author Date) and (Name with Bibliography) but for that chapter, it keeps coming up as (Name at end sentence) I didn't download anything special and they are the only two options available. Any suggestions??
Thanks, Marianne
  • Just to be sure -- you're changing the citation style in the Zotero document preferences in your Word processor? (Clarke) sounds like Modern Language Association style, I don't think MHRA could ever produce that.
  • Hi Adam,

    Yep changing the style in the Zotero preferences. And I am definitely selecting MHRA I have tried both MHRA (author Date) and MHRA (Name with Bibliography). I think something might have corrupted in the word doc as I started copying the text into a new word doc and reinserting all the footnotes again one by one and this time it is doing it in the right style. Think I just have to go the long painful way around it, at least it works! Thanks for your help. Marianne
  • There shouldn't be any need to reinsert everything by hand unless you actually flattened the fields in the document and they're no longer active.

    Can you email an excerpt of the document that demonstrates this problem to with a link to this thread?
  • You're saying Zotero preferences. That's not where to change the style. To make sure we're on the same page, could you say exactly what you're clicking?
  • Adam, you are so right!! Thank you I was doing it in Zotero rather than in Zotero, Document Preference in Word! Thank you. Marianne
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