Change number of authors in "Creator" column.

I would like to have Zotero as the number one cataloging program. As you know, there is a column on the front page of ZOTERO entitled "Creator", where the authors are supposed to appear.
Why must the expression "at al." appear in this column when I have more than two authors?.
I understand the reasons for this imposition and the layout view argument, but I would be very happy (really) if I could have in this column all the authors of a work (with some layout format), for the same reason as the title of the work is not cut off. I've tried in several ways to change this functionality but I don't understand anything about programming and formatting. Can you please add the option to increase the simultaneous number of authors that can appear in that column? If anyone knows an easy solution to my problem, let me know.
Thank you for your brilliant work.
  • Sorry, I am not understand your question. Do you speak about data collected in Zotero program or about the output from the style? In program, there should beso many author, as you need. he output from the style is based on the roles of individual style and aech style has its own. Can you describe step by step what are you doing?
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    It's about the Creator column in the middle pane, which shows "and" for 2 people and "et al." for 3 or more. That's not configurable, though we could consider a preference for that. (It would probably only make sense on a big monitor or when using Stacked mode. In the default layout mode on most monitors, there's unlikely to be enough horizontal room to display more than a couple authors.)
  • First of all, thank you LiborA and dstillman for responding to my comment.

    hello dstillman,
    You understand my disappointment/explanation with the existing formatting for the "Creator" column in the middle panel, where only "and" is allowed for 2 authors and "et al." for 3 or more authors.
    I had already done a search and tried to change it, but I didn't find it configurable, as you told me.
    Could I suggest in a later Zotero review/release, that this limitation in the "Creator" column can be configurable for more than 2 visible authors, or even show all authors as described in the documents, even though most of them are hidden (cut off ) by the variable width of this column and beginning of the column on the right?
    The "Creator" column would gain another degree of freedom and I don't think I would be the only user to be happy with this functionality.
    I'm not experienced in organizing libraries, I just chose Zotero as the classifier of my information.
    Can you please think of my suggestion?
    Thank you for your extraordinary effort.
    Artur Sousa
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