Export library to CSV freezin

I'm trying to export the Zotero file for a shared project to CSV. But every time I do, the app just freezes, with the progress bar showing 0. I've tried waiting overnight to see if it just needed time, but still 0.

Has anyone else faced this and how did you solve it? Thank you.
  • Are you able to provide a Report ID after it freezes?

    What happens if you export smaller numbers of items? If that works, try exporting half of the items at a time, and it fails try the other half, and then half of the failing half, and so on until you identify the smallest number of items that fail. If you do, try exporting the item to Zotero RDF and email it to support@zotero.org with a link to this thread.
  • @dmstansbury: We'll need all responses here. The email address is just for sending private files and the like.

    If it's failing with all items, we need a Report ID to say any more.
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