Identifying the items unique to one search

I have conducted different searches (using different keywords) in Scopus and I would like to know if there is a way of identifying which are the different items, i.e. the items that appear in one search that did not appear in the previous one.
Has anyone tried this before?
Many thanks
  • Nothing in Zotero I can think of, no.

    What I would do is to export to CSV and then check for unique items by DOI (assuming most/all your items have DOIs) using Excel or your statistical software of choice.
  • I would recommend importing the two different searches into 2 collections in Zotero. Then, you can do an Advanced search in Zotero for "Collection is A" and "Collection is not B".
  • You mean after merging duplicates?
  • Many thanks for your responses!
    I tried the option of importing the different searches in zotero and carrry out an advanced search. However, it doesn't return the unique items, but all the items contained in collection A.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • In the Advanced Search, be sure the Match drop down is set to “All” conditions
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