UX/UI subscription

I would like to pay a subscription fee that goes to paying the salary of a dedicated UX/UI programmer. Zotero works very well, but there are bits that could be improved, and if enough of us contribute, maybe we could get our desired changes implemented more quickly.
  • i should say that i don't want to pay for a storage subscription. i don't need it, and uploading files has the bad effect of making my home internet very slow.
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    We appreciate that very much, but if you'd like to support Zotero financially, a storage subscription is the best way to do that. Storage subscriptions directly fund maintenance and development of the project.

    We understand that some people might want to support the project in different amounts or at different intervals from the available storage plans, and we may accept arbitrary contributions in the future.

    We're currently hiring for a UI designer (and have been for a while).
  • thanks very much. i will look again at the storage subscription.
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