Capitalization in APA style

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  • When creating a bibliography for an item in APA 7 format, I'm having an issue with the title. Per the APA, only the first letter of the title should be capitalized (and also the first letter after a colon or a name). However, Zotero uses Title Case.

    Title (by the author): "The Story of Morgan: Best Dog Ever"
    Should be cited in APA 7: "The story of Morgan: Best dog ever" when exported, but it's not.

    I can fix this by changing the title in Zotero manually, but I shouldn't have to. Reason: the title is not changed by the author, it's just the format that APA requires. I shouldn't have to edit the title just to satisfy APA. (Do you sense my frustration with the APA??)

    Is there a way to make Zotero do this automatically so that it's in line with the 7th edition of APA?
  • Oh wow! Thank you. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the quick and informative response.
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