Problems Syncing

Hey Everyone,

I was trying to synch (error # 1038818684) and received the error messages below. Does anyone know why I can't sync? This seems to be a reoccuring problem for me unfortunately. Is it possible that it could be issues with other firefox add-ins? I saw there was recently a problem with MinimizetoTray and the new Word plug-in. I also have a dictionary look-up that might be causing problems.

Any help you could offer would be much appreciated. The semester is getting rolling for me and Zotero is my lifeblood. ha. - Andrew

[removed unrelated errors — D.S.]
  • There are no Zotero errors in that error report. What's the actual error message you're receiving in the interface?
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    I didn't receive an error message that popped up when I was syncing. The green arrow on the right hand side turns and then stops. When I hover over, it even says "Synced 2 Minutes ago". It thinks that everything synced correctly.

    However, when I clicked "report errors", I got the error messages that you removed. I did it again received the following ones...

    [unrelated errors removed — D.S.]

    Thanks for your help.
  • (There's no need to post the actual errors here—just the Report IDs. As it says in the error reporting wizard, most errors that show up there are completely unrelated to Zotero—as all of the ones you've posted have been—and they can lead people doing searches to think that they're experiencing related problems. We'll excerpt any relevant errors.)

    What makes you think it's not syncing? Have you checked your library on this site?
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