Shift+Enter: bug or feature?

I noticed that in the beta version, shift+enter will open an entry from a list in a new pdf viewer window, rather than a new tab. But there is no documentation of this feature, option to merge it back into a tab, or to drag a tab out, so I wonder if this a bug? If it's a bug then it is a useful bug, as I often need to compare two files side by side.
  • It's not a bug. Shift is the standard modifier for opening things in new windows.

    The ability to drag tabs into or out of the tag bar is an unrelated, much more advanced feature that hasn't been implemented.
  • Has this now been disabled? I started liking it...
  • No — again, it's a standard modifier, so it wouldn't be disabled.
  • OK, good. But then it's a bug on my machine, since enter will open the file in a tab, but shift+enter does not do anything? (Debug ID D1583838374)
  • Ah, sorry, I missed that this was Shift-Enter, not Shift-double-click. That did indeed break. I've fixed it for the next beta. Thanks for reporting.
  • Great thanks. Good to know about Shift-double-click as well.
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