Insert citation as note in text, not in footnote/endnote

Hi, all--
Sorry if this is obvious and/or a tediously frequent question...
I am writing a syllabus, and in the Readings section I want to refer to a reading using something brief but explanatory, like Chicago 17th Note format, and then make a bibliography of all the readings at the end of the document.

A syllabus entry would look something like this:

Sept. 1 The Human Genome Project Cook-Deegan, "Honest Jim and the Human Genome," 161-185

... with the full reference, Cook-Deegan, R. (1996). Honest Jim and the genome. The Gene Wars: Science, Politics, and the Human Genome. New York, W.W. Norton & Company: 161-185, in an alphabetic list at the end.

This works for Author-date format, but I want Note format. Endnote and Bookends do this nicely. But Zotero automatically creates a footnote or endnote.

1) Is there a way to turn this off, or an alternate citation style I can use that will do what I want?

2) In a magical unicorn perfect world, I'd like the short version linked to the full bibliography reference. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

  • sorry for the late reply.

    1) You'd need to modify the style, we don't have one that does this. The only thing you need, though is to change class="note" to class="in-text" in the first line of the style. General instructions here:

    2) You mean hyperlinked citation and bibliography entry in the document? No, sorry, that's not possible.
  • Thanks! Worked like a charm!

    One more quick question: I'd like to have individual citations separated by a carriage return rather than a semicolon, i.e., instead of :

    Darwin, “Provisional Hypothesis of Pangenesis”; Galton, “Hereditary Talent and Character”; Galton, “A Theory of Heredity”; Jenkin, “The Origin of Species [Review].”

    I'd have:
    Darwin, “Provisional Hypothesis of Pangenesis”
    Galton, “Hereditary Talent and Character”
    Galton, “A Theory of Heredity”
    Jenkin, “The Origin of Species [Review]”

    How do I indicate a CR as a delimiter, so I can substitute it for the semicolon?

  • You could try to replace the semicolon delimiter with 
, but I’m not sure if that will work.
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