iOS feature request: add item by identifier

It would be great to have the "Add Item by Identifier" option added to the iOS/iPad app in the same way as it is implemented in the desktop application. At present I find myself still needing my computer to use this feature, just because it's still easier than adding all of the metadata manually - but it stops me from doing everything natively on the iPad. Is there any other alternative I'm missing for automatically filling in details from e.g. an arXiv post when adding an item to library on iOS?
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    This is planned, but no ETA. In the meantime you can use the save page or Add by Identifier in the web library.

    But it sounds like you may not be aware of how to save items on iOS? You can save from webpages just like on the desktop by using the Share sheet in Safari and selecting Zotero. That works on arXiv and all other supported sites.
  • @samcree, I'm using almost entirely on ipad, too - at least until I need to add citations to Word docs. Are you making uses of the "Add to Zotero" feature? It's a URL that you can save as a home screen "button" using bookmarks:

    Let's you save by identifiers like ISBNs.
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    Add by Identifier is now available in Zotero 1.0.4 for iOS. In addition to entering identifiers manually, on newer iOS devices you can use the camera to scan ISBNs and DOIs. The app also now supports book barcode scanning.

    But again, normally you would save to the iOS app from the article page using the Share button in Safari, the same way you use the Zotero Connector on the desktop.
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