An enhancement to consider re journal abbreviations

A couple of decades ago I used Reference Manager as my bibliography assistance software. Reference Manager was crude compared with Zotero but had a capacity that I miss.

At least 3 different abbreviations could be assigned to every journal. When preparing a document the writer would not only select the appropriate citation style but could (optionally) also select an abbreviation style. Thus, a given journal could be properly and differentially abbreviated for the disciplinary field of interest. Although different abbreviations had to be hand entered, this facilitated meeting the different requirements for engineering, health, and legal/policy journals or reports.

As I recall there was a 4th abbreviation that was used to facilitate hand-entry. One could enter a few characters and the program would automatically fill-in the journal title, issn, and abbreviations, etc. already assigned to that journal if it was already in the database. This, of course, means that the RM database contained a journal table and a user-interface to edit each record. I haven't examined the structure of the Zotero database to see if it is organized that way.
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