What file location is recommended for plugins in windows?

Am I fine adding a folder for my plugins in the general Zotero folder like : \ProgramFileS\Zotero\Plugins?

I do not see any counter indication in the Zotero documentation, but as they recommend to sandbox the installation for Linux I have a small doubt (https://www.zotero.org/support/installation).

I was ordering my files and see that the extensions were located in my documents, which does not feel really consistent...

  • You should let zotero manage the extensions, it won't work otherwise. If the extensions are appearing in the "my documents" folder (which is what you mean, right? Not that they are appearing in a Word document?) that indicates your zotero profile is also in "my documents".
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    @tavre: Can you take a step back and explain what exactly you're trying to do? There's some major misunderstanding here. You shouldn't be touching the application folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Zotero) in any way, and if you did you should uninstall Zotero and reinstall it from the download page to reset that to its default state.
  • Thank you for that answer and sorry I miss the notification,

    I re-installed it and it looks fine now (I wanted to back up my base file)
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