Style Request: Wikipedia Citation Template

I am aware that there is already an export translator for wikipedia in Zotero:

These translators don't work with other CSL apps (; e.g., PaperPile). Converting the export translation into a .csl seems possible (even though some .csl might not be flexible enough—; it should be possible to adapt the Vancouver style

The citation templates are all available on Wikipedia, with the journal ones being most important for robust citations by those who use Zotero/Papers/Paperpile etc:
  • Since Zotero already supports this and has for many years, you should ask the developers of whatever other software you want to use for this.
  • Speaking from the CSL end, we don't think using CSL for metadata formats is a good choice and wouldn't accept such a style. (I know there is bibtex for legacy reasons, but we'd prefer if that didn't exist either)
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