National library style and PMCID

Hi. I am writing a grant and trying to add in my bibliography. Within Zotero I chose the National Library of Medicine (grant proposals with PMCID/PMID) as I need the PMCIDs in there. However when i click on add bibliography in word through the Zotero plug in there are no PMID or PMCIDs being added. Also some references look weird like "[cited 2021 Jun 30];118(7). Available from: PMID: 33568531"
Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong! Thanks!
  • This style works for me. Are you selecting the style in the Zotero Preferences window? If so, that wouldn't do anything. You need to choose the citation style for that Word file inside Word. Can you click on Document Preferences in the Zotero add-in in Word to see if the correct style is selected for that document?
  • The PMCID will be preferred where it's in the data, so check on that.
    The access date and URL are included for items without page range, typically online first/only. That's in line with citing medicine
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