iOS Beta - Ability to have a PDF showing while inputting information in the “create parent item”

I am trying to input information into the “create parent item” for a PDF on my ipad. I cannot view the PDF I have saved in Zotero at the same time as creating the parent item in the Zotero app itself. Therefore, I am unable to fill out the necessary information for the parent item. Would it possible to make changes to the Zotero app to make this possible? Or, is there better way of doing this, such as using split screen. Note, that I have the only copies of the PDF stored in Zotero.
  • Something like this might be possible in a future version, but for now I'd recommend doing this in the desktop app, where you can edit metadata while viewing PDFs in the new PDF reader. (The desktop app can obviously also retrieve metadata, which isn't currently possible on iOS and which might prevent you from needing to enter data manually in the first place. The "Create Parent Item" is there on iOS as a last resort, but it's not something I would recommend relying upon at the moment.)
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