Library is gone

  • Hi. My library has gone, I can't find a copy anywhere. I thought all my library was synced to the web, with copies on my machines, but when I open Zotero I get a message saying "You are about to sync to an empty Zotero database at "rlan001" ". Is there a reason that my web-library has gone? I have been paying my fees!!!!
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    Most likely you deleted your local Zotero database by mistake — e.g., while trying to clear disk space with some system utility. See Locating Missing Zotero Data for more info on that and how to tell if that's the case.

    But the message you're seeing is saying that your local database is gone, not your web library. If all your data is online — which you can tell by looking at your web library, though in the rlan001 account that you're syncing with, not the empty one you're posting from — you can just sync to pull down your data.
  • Thank you so much. I used a backup from another computer and replaced the zotero.sqlite files from there. I couldn't find a copy of the sqlite-journal file so I hope Zotero replaces that one as its needed. Panic over.
    My Zotero account doesn't show anything under "Web Library". Should I be concerned?
  • Silly me. When I read your post more carefully I realised that I have two accounts. The post didn't make sense before that. Both accounts now have the full library showing. Many thanks for your patience with me.
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