What's the Zotero way of dealing with chapter in a book?

edited June 26, 2021
Consider the scenario that I have a book entry, with several chapters. I might use the several chapters for different occasions. For example, one time I need the whole book. Next time, I need only specific chapter from the book, to avoid confusion for those who use my bibliography when I want them to read a specific chapter only.

The ways I do it now

1. Keep the chapters and the whole book separate entries. But it means they won't share the same attachment, for example, the PDF of the whole book.

2. Keep the whole book, and make the chapter a entry without attachment only with "related" pointing to the whole book. This is better, but needs an extra step to get to the document.

Any other ways, especially if there are Zotero's preferred way, to organize the chapter-book relation? Is there a way to do it with a single entry? Thanks in advance.
  • You could use option 2. and for each chapter add a "link to file" to the whole book PDF attached to the whole book item -- beyond that, it sounds like you're on top of the relevant Zotero functionality, so nothing to add/change.
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