searching for a citation style

I need a citation style that repeats author name, author first name, book/article title in a repeated citation (instead of ibid. or repeat only author name). The style should also create endnotes instead of only footnotes.
Citations should look as follows:
books: Verhoeven C., Rondom de leegte, Utrecht, Ambo, 1965, p. 83-84.
article from a book: Tijmes P., ‘Jacques Ellul: autonome techniek’, in: Achterhuis H. (red.), De maat van de techniek, Baarn, Ambo, 1992, p. 45.
article: Froeyman A., ‘Historische uitvoeringspraktijk’, in: De uil van Minerva 24 (2011) 1, p. 21-38.
newspaper aticle: Verhoeven C., ‘Ingetogen’, in: Trouw 28-5-1998.
repeated citation: Verhoeven C., Rondom de leegte, p. 45.

If someone can point me to a style that does something alike, especially the way of repeating and the footnote support, I'm prepared to make small adaptations to the style myself.
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