How many identifiers at once?

I need to add a large number of records (about 10,000) using DOIs. I haven't tried adding more than a handful at once before, but I could easily imagine running into problems with large numbers so I'm guessing it would be prudent to do this in batches. I'm wondering if anyone could offer guidance on the maximum "safe" number of items to add at a time. I'm sure there's no straightforward answer but just an order of magnitude would be helpful—i.e., would you expect it to be closer to 50 or 500?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • The biggest concern would be, I think, telling which DOIs, if any, fail to import when importing a huge list. If you're pretty sure these are all CrossRef or DataCite DOIs (i.e. almost certain to work), I think you can safely go with pretty high numbers. I'd probably start my way up at 100 and go up to 500 at once in steps of 100. There's no principled reason 500 shouldn't work.
  • Great, thanks. I don't think I can count on them all working, so I'll start with small batches as you suggest and see how it goes. I suppose at the end I can export the library to a csv and cross-check against the original list for any items that didn't import properly.
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