Highlights not linked upon MD export

MacBookPro Retina
MacOs: 10.15.7
Zotero Beta: 5.0.97-beta.32+3fc7ce8e7

Read and highlight pdf using built-in reader
Each highlight is linked correctly to the appropriate point in the item notes
Export to Markdown (either to Markdown or Full Note) using MDNotes
Each highlight is cited correctly in plain text but with no link.
Have tested both wiki and MD styles in MDNotes prefs.

I realize mentioning zotfile is Apples and Armadillos, but ZF MD export resulted in live links.

My gut feeling is that it's operator error and I'm either misconfiguring a setting, or misunderstanding process, but all help gratefully appreciated.

I've attempted a search of the discussions with null result, but if I missed it I apologize for wasting bandwidth.
  • You'd have to ask the MDNotes developer -- they'd need to implement this, as they did with ZotFile links (I do think there was one previous discussion of this, so there may already be an open ticket on their github).
  • Gotcha... Thanks, Adam.
    Unfortunately that means I'm missing something really basic.
    Getting those annotations from the Annotations frame to an external file (Obsidian in this case, but I've tried others) with an active citation link eludes me.
    I've tried dragging, copying and pasting, and wishing... none of which were successful.
    I can certainly edit each annotation to add an active link to the original file in Zotero, but that is a real time suck.
    Is there a way with the New Zotero to move those annotations created by highlighting in the built-in reader to an external document without a bunch of item by item editing?
    I love the new version and have put a bunch of ancillary software packages aside because they're now redundant, but this one thing is killing me.
    I've successfully accomplished my goal by annotating in the built-in reader, exporting the pdf, reattaching it to the item, extracting annotations with Zotfile, and exporting with MDNotes. It works perfectly, but is obviously not a minimalist workflow. If I were dealing with a few papers, that would adequate until Zotfile goes away, but I have 11K papers in the database, and it doesn't scale worth a crap.
    I'm perfectly willing to fall on my sword if I missed something really obvious, and I suspect I have.
  • If you're still talking about zotero:// links, adamsmith answered you. I'm not quite sure what else you're looking for.

    The official word processor plugins now include an Add Note button to insert notes, which can include annotations and citations, and those citations will stay active in the document, the same as if you had used Add/Edit Citation. That's the supported workflow.

    zotero://open-pdf links are local to your system and wouldn't be used in final documents. We don't export those in any way, but plugins could do so. See this thread for further discussion.
  • dstillman/adamsmith... Thanks so much for your time. That thread clarified the issue and solved the problem. Sorry I missed it in my search for info.
    Thanks for all the hard work.
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