Tagging in iOS Beta

I'm really enjoying the new iOS app and the desktop reader; thank you so much.

There is one aspect to tagging in the app which keeps tripping me up.

If I highlight a passage in a pdf>add tag to comment>create tag>save tag...

then the new tag does not appear in the comment's window unless I close it and re-open it.

This workflow keeps tripping me up because I can't tell if I have successfully added the tag until I have taken this extra step.

Sometimes I haven't successfully added the tag and so I have to do it again.

It would seem more intuitive, I think, if the tag appeared in the window box once added?

Also, I was expecting the tags to be searchable when I synced with the desktop reader. But that doesn't appear to be the case yet?
  • I am also having difficulty tagging with the latest version of Zotero for iOS on an iPad Pro, iOS 14.6. I cannot seem to add more than one or two new tags. If I try to add a third one, one of the previous ones disappears, not only from the Zotero item but from the list of available tags.
  • @tdenmead: Just to note, we fixed this bug a couple weeks ago.

    @Eallynm: I'm not totally understanding what you're describing, but if you're still having trouble in the latest version, start a new thread and provide steps to reproduce.
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