Dragging into collections/folders in Zotero for Mac is too "fast".


I have a potentially odd problem of something being "too fast".

On my Zotero on Mac in have thousands on article entries and dozens of hierarchical folders in the side-panel. The issue I have is that when I try to drag a paper to another folder (with the mouse), then the side-panel starts to auto-scroll up/down as I reach the upper/lower bound of the visible listview. It does so to allow you to drag into a non-visible folder. This is in principle fine, but in my case it scrolls WAY too fast. This means that the folder of interest flies past and then I immediately see the very start of my folder tree. Then I carefully try to drag the mouse to the bottom of the panel view.... and sure enough the whole tree of folders FLIES past again, now showing me the final folder... And I try the mouse upward again, and .... etc etc

So: it is almost impossible to drag/drop a PDF/paper into a Zotero folder it is not already visible in the side panel. Is there a setting I can tweak? If not, is it possible to change this behavior in a future version of Zotero?

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    You can just use the mouse wheel (or two-finger scroll, on a trackpad) for this. Works perfectly fine during a drag.
  • Super! Did not realize that would work while dragging.

    Thank you,
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