Deleting annotations in iOS (iPhone and iPad versions)

Dear Zotero team,

what great news that now it's possible to us Zotero on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and also annotate PDFs. This is what has been missing for a long time.

In addition to other feature requests I read here (e.g. scribbling notes in the PDF), I have a feedback on the current usability of annotations:
* deleting an annotation on the iPad requires too many steps:
** tapping on the annotation
** tapping in the ... in the menu
** tapping on "Delete Annotation"
** confirming the deletion

I see that on the Mac, this is a simple context menu. Would be great to have this equally simple on iOS.

Besides that, great work and highly appreciated and welcome addition to the powerful Zotero.


  • We'll add the delete option to the first annotation view.
  • Thank you! I tested this in the new release and it works much better. One more feedback on usability: the confirmation dialogue pops up centered on the screen, which requires refocusing of the users attention to a different area of the screen. A much more elegant solution would be to show a confirmation request in the same location as the initial placement of the "Delete Annotation" view. See the linked screenshot:
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