'lastsync.txt' delete issue when using papership to sync with zotero on WebDAV


I have an issue when i use papership to sync with zotero through WebDAV.

I use WebDAV (the server host is 'jianguoyun') to sync zotero's files. Since it's more convenient for me to read papers on ipad, I try to sync zotero's files with papership on ipad through WebDAV. Unfortunately, it cannot be synchronized with the WebDAV directly untill I add an empty 'lastsync.txt' in zotero sync directory on WebDAV server. So I did that and succeed.

But I found the 'lastsync.txt' file would be deleted from the server every 7 or 10 days. To make sure which part deleted the file, I log out zotero account from papership and found it still happens. So I guess it is zotero that deletes the file. Maybe zotero will scan its sync directory on WebDAV server regularly and delete unrelated files which are not created by itself.

I add 'lastsync.txt' file directly on WebDAV server not through zotero.

Any idea about this issue?

  • Also I am expecting to try ios version of zotero. Hope I can use WebDAV on my iphone and ipad. Papership is not maintained any more.
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