APA style but numbered?

Hello, I have someone asking me if it's possible to use APA as a numbered style. She doesn't like the in-text citations taking up so much room. Does anyone know of a style that uses numbers in text, but then formats references like APA? Thanks!
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    Are you asking for a numbered style with a bibliography in alphabetical order? In the order that the citations appear in your document? Should the first citation in your manuscript begin with "1" or should the order of numbered references in your manuscript be dependent upon the alphabetical order in your bibliography.

    What is it about the APA bibliography format that appeals to you? Is there something about the existing numeric styles' bibliographies that you dislike?

    How do you want the numbered citations to appear in your manuscript? Superscripted? Within curved brackets (parentheses)? Square brackets?

    There are several numbered styles in Zotero that have pleasantly displayed bibliographies. Look at the several Vancouver styles. There are many other options.

    With answers to these questions someone will be able to point you to more specific options. There are several numeric styles that are available.

  • There's an APA numeric style, yes. Most people use the one with superscript numbers: https://www.zotero.org/styles?q=id:apa-numeric-superscript

    But there's also one with numbers in square brackets:
  • Thank you both for the questions and info!
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