articles from CiteULike imported with pages in wrong order

When I import an article into Zotero from CiteULike, the pages field gets filled with the pages in the wrong order and with a comma between them: I get

Pages: 363, 360

instead of something like

Pages: 360-363

Can this be fixed? Poking around, it looks like Zotero pulls in the Endote format, which appears to have SP and EP fields for "start page" and "end page". Is Zotero swapping those?
  • Zotero's RIS importer currently requires EP to follow SP, but CiteULike's data has EP before SP. CUL's data probably could be improved, but Zotero's RIS translator should be fixed.

    A comment in the RIS translator source implies that this is to support multiple ranges.
    I don't know when the conditional on line 227 of the translator would ever be met.
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