Removing footnote with subsequent ibid footnotes

Hi, not sure if this has been reported before, I couldn't find this exact issue in the forums.

When inserting footnotes from Zotero (I'm using LibreOffice on Linux), the first one will be a full citation, followed by an ibid. This works well, except if I decide to remove the first one. Then the ibid footnote is left by itself, in essence pointing to the previous source, which is incorrect.

The same applies if you decide to move a citation to a different place in the document. Then the ibid footnote is also left as is, pointing back to whichever source it now follows.

So the question is if there is a way to auto-update Zotero's citations with regards to the use of ibid (it does update bibliography if you refresh it), or if you have to pay attention to this yourself..?
  • Zotero only processes your document when you use one of the Zotero functions, so no, there is no way for citations to be updated if you manually remove one and another needs to get updated as a result. While writing/editing it's not important for citations to be 100% correct at all times. Just make sure you refresh the citations before submitting the final paper.
  • Got it, thanks!
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