How to remove a tag that is no longer attached to a reference?


I have a problem with tags.
The tag is still displayed although there is no linked reference

It is not active but remains displayed

How to make it disappear from the list of tags?

Thanks for your help

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    If a tag is removed from all items, it disappears from the tag selector. That's how you remove it.

    The only exception is colored tags. If you've created one, you would need to delete it manually.

    Note that if you're in a collection rather than in the library root and have the "Display All Tags in This Library" option enabled, the tag would be grayed out if it doesn't match any items in the collection you're in. Same if an item is in the trash — with that option enabled, a tag on that item would appear as disabled until you emptied the trash.

    (All of this is assuming you're referring to Zotero program, not the web library. The web library should work the same way, but tags might be cached for a bit longer.)
  • Thank you for your reply.

    Yes it is a colored tag.

    But how to manually remove this tag because it is not in any reference. It appears in the list of tags (bottom left) but it isn't active.

    Thank you again for your help.
  • right-click --> delete tag in the tag selector on the bottom left.
  • Thank you and excuse me for the inconvenience
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