Cursor-navigation shortcuts on MacOS produce weird scrolling behavior in Zotero PDF viewer

I use CMD-left-arrow and CMD-right-arrow to navigate the cursor to the beginning and end the line on MacOS, including when I edit a PDF comment annotation in the new Zotero PDF viewer (beta). Unfortunately, it looks like these keyboard shortcuts are being used simultaneously in the PDF viewer to scroll up and down in the document. Note also that the, the scrolling response is inconsistent. It usually happens, but not always, and often it doesn't respond after the first time I press CMD-right-arrow. Overloading these common text-editing shortcuts doesn't seem like a good idea, so maybe this is a bug?

Incidentally, is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for the Zotero PDF viewer? I couldn't find one on the Zotero website, and it doesn't look like they can be edited in Preferences > Advanced > Shortcuts.

As always, thank you for this wonderful tool.
  • Thanks, we're investigating the issue with keyboard shortcuts.

    The complete list of keyboard shortcuts is also being prepared.
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