Problem with syncing!!!

I keep getting this message:
The creator name “Campis, Collin-Vezina, Collings, Cossar, Crisma, F…” in one of your items is too long to sync. Shorten the field and sync again.

If you receive this message repeatedly for items saved from a particular site, you can report this issue in the Zotero Forums.

I have tried deleting the editor for about 40 papers now..... it won't stop!!! Lol!
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    The message means what it says: there's a creator name that's too long. You can click the button in the error message to jump right to the item in question. As long as you're getting the message, there's an item that you haven't fixed.

    This would happen due to a problem with some data that you imported. If you tell us how you imported these items, we may be able to fix it. Generally speaking, you shouldn't get this when using the Save to Zotero button in your browser, but if you export from somewhere to RIS/BibTeX/etc. and import that into Zotero, there's more of a chance something will give you bad data and this would happen.
  • I know what the message means... I am contacting you because the second part of the message says:

    If you receive this message repeatedly for items saved from a particular site, you can report this issue in the Zotero Forums.

    So, I am reporting the message.

    And yes, I imported using RIS/BibTeX, which is an acceptable way to do it.

    You are saying I should address every item on an individual basis? I have downloaded over 2000 papers from various databases!!!!
  • And yes, I imported using RIS/BibTeX, which is an acceptable way to do it.
    Right, but the RIS (or bibtex, but more likely RIS) you imported was almost certainly incorrectly formatted. If you let us know where you got the problematic RIS from, we may be able to say more, but for now either fixing the items or deleting them and fixing the (broken) RIS are the only ways to go, yes.
  • I got them from PsycInfo, Scopus and Web of science
  • We'd need specific steps to reproduce — e.g., go to this specific article on this specific site, export in this specific format, import into Zotero, and end up with an item with an invalid creator field.
  • Like I said, I downloaded 2000+ articles, so this is not possible.
    I will delete them all and start again.
    It is a shame that this cannot be fixed by Zotero - I can't be the only person that this has happened too. Further disappointing as I am a paying member.
    Please tell me how I can avoid this happening again. I am using PsycInfo, Scopus and Web of science.
    Its impossible to fix every single one on an individual basis, so if it happens again I would have to use a different research management tool.
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    You seem to be misunderstanding this.

    We can't tell you any more about this unless you actually tell us how to reproduce the problem. We don't know what you did to get these items into your library.

    You have example items in your library where this happened, and you should be able to figure out where you downloaded them from and tell us exactly how to reproduce the problem with a single item. If you can do that, we can advise you further. If you can't, there's no way for us to help you or work around the problem for others.
  • Could you let me know how I avoid this happening in the future when i download from PsycInfo, Scopus and Web of science.
  • We can't help you if you don't respond to the things we say.
  • FWIW, I think PsycInfo is the most likely culprit here -- WoS and Scopus generally have pretty clean export -- but as dstillman says, we really need more details here, in particular because PsycInfo is provided by several vendors, such as EBSCO, APA, I think ProQuest, and Ovid, and the issue is very likely with the database, not Zotero.
  • I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you want for me. I have decided to redo the download. Is there some advice you could give me to make sure the export goes smoother this time around?
  • Just doing the same thing is likely going to have the same results.
    We need to know from which database you downloaded the items that cause this issue, and how exactly you imported them into Zotero -- if you can provide 1-2 examples, that'd be ideal.
  • I access psycInfo from my university library and I believe it is through Ovid.
  • Web of Science is with Clarivate Analytics.
    I don't know about Scopus.
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    We really can't be more clear here. If you don't tell us how exactly to reproduce the problem, with specific items and export formats, we're not going to be able to help you.

    If you're having trouble understanding us, I would recommend asking someone from your university library to read this thread and help you provide the information we're asking for, but otherwise there's no point in continuing to post here.
  • Cheers! I have worked it out.
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