PDF reader/notes beta UI questions and suggestions

The new pdf reader and notes view seem very promising! Here are comments:

There is a 'click to expand' area on the bottom bar when the item/notes pane is collapsed. Can there be a 'click to collapse' at the top of that pane when it is expanded? There is a button toggle, and you can click-and-drag, but the actions to open and close without the upper-right button toggle are asymmetrical and it seems strange.

The back arrow button in the upper-left of the bottom note pane taking you from the note view to the list of notes would be better placed on the right, I think. My mouse is usually at the opposite side of the screen, where the note and item view toggle buttons and the create note buttons are.

The only zoom button I see is expand-page-to-window-width. Can this be changed to a toggle between expand-to-width and restore-previous-zoom-level? Also, can "fit page height to window" be added? I would also like a two-page view option.

I assume you will add tooltips to the buttons; if it's not planned, it would be useful to add.

When the user creates a note, please offer the option to have a pop-up that will let them edit the note title before it is created. The note creation otherwise happens in the background and I imagine that I'll have a bunch of notes titled "Annotations (date/time)". If these are standalone notes, it will be easy to lose my place in the list, and I'll have to remember to always go and rename the notes as I create them, and that will require context-switching. A pop-up would make it easier to do rename notes without having to remember to change tabs each time.

Can you allow users to customize the location of the annotations/thumbnail/bookmarks pane and the notes/item view panes? I actually prefer to have annotations on the right based on my monitor setup, and would prefer to have the item view pane as vertical.

Thanks for considering these!
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