problems syncing records from Ovid Medline

Hi folks, I just noticed some problems syncing records downloaded for Ovid Medline (ris format, complete reference). Some of the references have an "editor" as well as "authors." The editor field has many names smooshed together in the Zotero field that should be the editor's first name. As a result, there's an error message about a too-long name. Many of the same records had a very long chunk of text in the Zotero "extra" field.
For what it's worth, the papers in this set (which did not all suffer from this problem) all came from four journals: JAMA, NEJM, Lancet, BMJ.
Thank you very much to whoever decided to include in the error message a "go to the problematic record so that you can fix it" link. Super helpful!
My institution's contact at Ovid is very responsive, so if it would make sense to raise something about the export data structure with them, I could give that a shot.
  • Do you get this behavior when using the Save to Zotero button, or only when trying to import RIS manually? If the former, what's an example URL?
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