Problem transferring library

I just switched from an old laptop to a new one. I followed the instructions to migrate my library to the new device. However, when I restart Zotero, the library is still empty and with no data.
I checked and the data directory location is the correct one ( the storage folder has the files) but they don't appear when I open Zotero.
Any idea on how to solve this?
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    Which instructions did you follow?

    This is the page you'll want to follow:

    If you're not seeing your data, you didn't transfer the old data directory in full or you put it in the wrong place. Locating Missing Zotero Data may help you understand what you're looking for in terms of an active database and other files. (E.g., if it's a 1 MB or 5 MB zotero.sqlite file, that's just an empty database. 'storage' alone is just your attachment files.)
  • Thank you. I followed the instructions at the link you shared.
    It seems there is an issue with the zotero.sqlite file as it is less than 1 MB. Thanks again!
  • Yes, that's an empty database. You'll need to go back to the original files and look at the zotero.sqlite file there.
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