Turabian 9th ed. bibliography formatting

The seminary where I am working on my doctorate uses Turabian 9th edition, but the bibliography format in Zotero is different from what the school requires. When citing multiple sources from the same author, we are required to use the eight underscore format. Currently, three dashes are showing up for multiple authors.

Also, whenever I insert the bibliography, the line spacing is wrong. We are supposed to single space the entry, but double space between entries.

Are there ways to correct these issues? I have been searching the forums all day for an answer and cannot find one.
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    Both of these can be changed in the style -- but you'd have to make those changes yourself (since they're not in line with the standard requirements of Turabian).
    Wouldn't it be faster to just run a quick search & replace for the em dashes/underscorees & adjust paragraph spacing for the bibliography style before submitting? Takes 30secs total.
  • I have over 200 resources, so anything that speeds up the process is a plus.
  • The things to change in the style would be entry-spacing (from 0 to 1) and subsequent-author-substitute to "________"
    General instructions are here:

    But 200 or 10 items doesn't matter -- what I suggest above are both bulk operations. You do each thing exactly once.
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