[HELP] Bibliography duplicates when I add a citation


I'm using Zotero on Google Docs (via Mac) in order to write my thesis.
I manage to add citations but there are an issue due to that addition.
Every time I add a citation, the bibliography at the end of the document updates but multiplies itself in the same time. So everytime I add a citation, I find myself with 5 to 10 times the same bibliography and I have to delete the extra ones before addind another citation, which takes a lot of time and has Zotero bugging for a few seconds.

Can someone please help me resolving this problem ?

Thank you for your time.


PS : Sorry if there were already a post regarding this issue, I didn't find it.
  • If you delete the bibliography completely, refresh and confirm that it's still gone, and then insert a bibliography again, does the problem recur?
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