group library: search, harvesting (esp. URIs)?

Apologies if this is documented somewhere, I did make a good-faith effort to find it in docs, fora and dev docs.

(1) I gather there's no web-based search function for public groups' content; if we need to search it can only be done in the client? Is web-based search on the feature roadmap?

(2) Are there any mechanisms for harvesting information from public groups (esp. stuff that's not available in the client)? In particular, we would like to harvest Zotero-assigned URIs for content in our library (paired with the short titles we created) so we can effect linkage with content in our webapp (

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

  • 1. Correct. This is likely to appear in the future, but I couldn't say when that will be at this point.

    2. For public groups where the library is set to be viewable by anyone there are atom feeds available from the library page (in the address bar, or in the left column on the page under collections).
  • What about web-based search function for within private groups? I've tried searching for documentation on this and have only found this related thread. I setup a private group for sharing information with 1 other contributor and we can't seem to figure out how to search our shared group content. Any assistance on this would be great, thanks!
  • Has there been any update with regard to the possible future feature discussed in 1? above? It looks like feed content is limited to the most recent 50 items in the library. We need to be able to harvest Zotero URIs for every single item in the library. Without this feature, we're going to have to find another solution for bibliographic support for and
  • The default number of items for a feed request is 50, but you can make a request for the next n items as well.
    See for an example of php code utilizing the zotero api.
  • Just to clarify, n is currently 1 <= n <= 100, but the Atom response includes a URI for the next set of items.
  • (concerning #2) As fcheslack pointed out earlier the rss feeds for zotero items come along with an id tag that stores the zotero uri (something like as well as several link tags that allow quick navigation to the respective item on the zotero page.

    However, is it also possible to get hold of this uri via CSL in order to use it as part of a citation layout?

    Thanks for any enlightenment on that matter.

  • I am member of several group libraries : some are private, others are public
    In both cases, I can't find any references stored in those libraries when I do an "advanced search" in Zotero ?
    Is it normal ?
  • Sophie: Nothing to do with this thread. Start a new one.
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