Data are missing in my CSV export

Hello everyone,

I did a CSV export of one of my collection, everything went fine since I realised that some data are missing in the file. For example, some titles aren't in the CSV although there are in my Zotero Data base... I don't understand why

Can you help me ? Do you know why and how it can be fixed ?

Thank you very much
  • We'd need to know more details. How exactly are you exporting? When you say "title" are missing, do you mean the title column is blank or the entire item is missing? If the latter, what item types.

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    I export with a right-click on the collection -> export the collection -> I choose de CSV format "Unicode (UTF-8 san BOM)"
    Then I open my document and I just reorganise all the data in my excel document in order that it can be readable.
    Every items are in the document, some are well filled but for others I have only the author's name and the publication year but not the title. So the title column is blank for some items but not each one

    Thank you !
  • What happens when you export those individual items to CSV?
    (This isn't, obviously, a known issue, nor is it something that should be at all possible to happen, so narrowing this down would be helpful)
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    Well, I think I found what is wrong by doing it only with one document.
    In fact, it only happens with items with more that one author. In the CSV document the informations are in the first column until the end of the first authors name and then if there is an other author, it goes to the next colum with the following informations.
    So when I convert the data in the excel I only have the information until the first author's name for these items !
  • Pretty sure that's a problem with how Excel is reading the CSV then. FWIW, the most current version of Excel handles this just fine in my tests here, but especially if you're on an older version, Excel's CSV import (and export...) has a history of problematic behavior.
  • I think you're right I have the 2016 version of excel on my computer, but I just tried with excel online and it worked :D

    Thank you very much and Have a good day !!
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