Convert from Endnote to Zotero

What happens to my old WORD documents, which all used Endnote, if I convert to Zotero?

Do I ultimately delete Endnote off the computer?
  • Citations made with EndNote in Word will not be readable by Zotero. They use a completely different system.

    You can migrate your database from EndNote to Zotero, but if you'd ever needed to edit your documents you have two options:
    1. Keep editing them with EndNote
    2. Remove the EndNote citations and replace them with new citations made with Zotero.
  • Thanks a million.
    As a follow on, with a bit more info, the only reason I am thinking of changing to Zotero is that I am getting a new desktop and would need to buy Endnote to get it on the new computer. So basically I won't have Endnote on the new computer.

    I get that I can convert my Endnote files use in Zotero. But I suppose my question is, if I have Zotero on the new comp., and no Endnote at all, how might this impact refs in old WORD documents that were created with Endnote? Will these simply disappear if I no longer actually have Endnote on the new computer??
  • The references won’t disappear, you just won’t be able to do any more automatic updating of them without Zotero. I did this myself years ago, and it wasn’t that challenging. I started new papers with Zotero and worked around not having Endnote for a few older papers.

    Are you thinking about papers you are actively working on, or just your manuscript archives? What citation styles are you using?

    For importing your endnote library to Zotero, see
  • Thanks for that. Sounds ok.

    No, my concern is with archival material. My huge fear would be that, with Endnote deleted and me exclusively using Zotero on new reports, that all my former Endnote references in old reports would suddenly appear as “Error! Reference Source Not Found”. I wouldn't be actually editing any of those older documents and I intend on using Zotero from now on (once I figure it out!).

    Citation, I use a slightly altered version of Harvard.

    Would you recommend Zotero? It's the cost of Endnote is just mad. I've had it all along but with the move to a new computer I apparently new to buy the full package (original is a student version from a LONG time ago)

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